Who is Lucy?

Lucy is a stuffed sloth and is a valuable helper and friend for children and the elderly.

Lucy’s job is to assist a family in case of need, in an simple and safe way.

Lucy is much more than just a sloth; in fact, she has the function of monitor the condition of her owner 24 hours a day by reporting the data collected on a proper application.

Interacting with the child by
talking to him

Interacts with the owner by responding to requests and communicating with him, through text-to-speech and speech-to-text. Lucy establishes a bond of friendship and trust with the child.

Monitors the child
with a camera

Monitors the child through a camera that will send instant photos to the app that we created. So that the child’s situation is constantly monitored in real time.

Measures the level
of pain

We added three buttons representing the Wong Baker’s pain scale, the child can press the button to let the parent know how the he is feeling.

Measures vital

The robot is equipped with 3 sensors: pulse, saturation and temperature. All data will be displayed by the parent in the application designed by us.


​​How is empathy created? Empathy is created by interactivity through dialogue and affection via gestures of solidarity. The bond is also created by its docile nature, determined by physical and behavioural characteristics. Lucy has the characteristics of a friend who is aware of the other person’s needs and tries to help and support them.

why you should Choose a pet like lucy?

Lucy interacts, responding through voice command, with her owner, preventing him or her from getting bored.

Lucy not only makes her owner feel good but also manages to monitor his condition constantly, reassuring his relatives.

Lucy has all the characteristics that stimulate empathy and develop emotions, which helps the child feel comfortable and ready to express himself with her.

The sloth is suitable for the needs of different categories of people, from children to the elderly, from people with allergies to animals to people with mobility problems; all at a price of 400 euros.